Hell yeah.

Welcome to Ubercoop.Net, the website of both the iC clan and the UberCoop server.

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October 28, 2007

Site updates coming soon:
Sorry about the lack of updates.. we are currently
coming up with a variety of mods and updates to be uploaded soon.
Also all of the Unreal community is welcome to send their mods
into the site so we can have them up for download.

[UNW] and [iC] have merged clans;
All [UNW] members are to change their tag to [iC].
The clan will be co-led by Cheese, Holy Embrace, and Alchemy.

[iC] Member Picture Of The Week:

Holy Embrace[iC] at Unreal Nali World, wearing his Dark SkaarjTrooper
skin and holding an M16.

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